Why choose us?

With our platform, your factory can communicate with you in real time, sharing valuable information through dashboards and activating personalized alerts.

Connection with your hardware

We make the connection of your hardware to our cloud so that it monitors, visualizes and analyzes on the incoming data.

Real time data

The availability of data is one of the characteristics of the IoT, as it will allow you to take advantage of the data in a more meaningful way.

Achieve production goals

Monitor your entire production line to know the current production and the dead times of each machine.

Remote monitoring

You have visibility into the operational status of machine components (both historical and real-time) and enable plant managers to remotely monitor and diagnose systems quickly, as well as identify and resolve issues before impact on machine availability and in productivity compounds. 

Preventive Maintenance

Analysis of individual machine errors will allow you to do more accurate planning of the machine maintenance, which can help is to reduce the machine downtimes, increased mean times between failures and reduce the costs of the unnecessary corrective maintenance and of spare parts inventory.

Optimization of processes

The interconnectivity provided by IoT technologies enables seamless communication between the machines, components, and people. This interconnectivity enables data-driven process optimization, increasing efficiency and productivity.

IoT to make smart factories

Make data-driven decisions.

A smart factory provides to the plant managers a remote access to wirelessly connected machines, as well as access to a wealth of data on the operation of those machines, automating the communication between the equipments and industrial automation systems.

Monitor production

Diagnose process limitations by accurately measuring production rates.

Preventive Maintenance

Perform a diagnosis of the machine failures using data from the IoT sensor.


Eliminate the manual tracking of the operators on the production floor.